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Our data policy

We use cookies on this web site. If you continue to use this web site then you agree to accept cookies. We comply with GDPR and with the EU cookie laws. If you do not wish to accept cookies then please close the tab for this web site and clear your cookie cache.

If you send us a message through the contact form on this web site then we shall treat your message in confidence; and we shall not share your data with anyone not employed by us without obtaining your permission. We never sell data to a third party.

You may ask us to delete your data at any time; and we shall delete your data when we need it no longer. You may ask us for access to any data that we keep about you at any time and you may ask for that data to be amended, if the information is wrong.

If you wish to contact us about the data we keep about you or our data policy or if you wish to complain about our data policy, please email: