No matter who is the client, the mission is always one of providing transformational leadership and management programmes to generate transformational value creation. Using an extensive range of pedagogical approaches, academic skills and significant knowledge of several disciplines, our partners and associates focus on value creation for your company and its stakeholders.

In the early years, big pharmaceutical companies and family health service authorities throughout the UK started to contract with us to implement leadership and management development programmes to general medical practices and hospitals in both the public and private sector. We started too to write a weekly column for several medical newspapers. Additionally, Croner the publishers contracted with us to edit a handbook and newsletters in leadership and management for general medical practices.

In February 1997, we gained a major contract with the professional services firm Pricewaterhouse (now PwC). The contract we gained was to project manage and provide the professional lead on the European Union funded Estonian health sector reform programme. This was a our first major international leadership and management development exercise. We provided the professional lead for PwC on several major reform projects.

We have worked for many well known international consultancy firms on projects funded by the International Financing Institutions. We continue to provide world class leadership and management development programmes internationally. Always the focus is on leadership and management development to generate sustainable value creation opportunities for our clients.

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