Transformational leaders with advanced skills in leadership and management are essential requirements for value creation. Evidence determines our methods of work. We are connected to the thinking of some of the world’s best leadership and management development futurists. We can support your company’s leadership and management development needs now and in the future. We believe in designing and providing leadership and management development programmes, which provide our clients with sustainable value creation. Meeting todays’ global business challenges mean that world class leadership and management development programmes are essential for generating sustainable value creation.

Leadership and management development Futurists

Professor Gary Hamel at the London Business School is one of the most influential futurists in the world today. Following the example of Professor Hamel, we assist our clients to unleash creativity and innovation to help their organisations retool their management practices for the global economy. We’ve helped companies to create billions of dollars in new market value.

The Millennium Project, a global participatory think tank established in 1996 under the American Council for the United Nations University, conducted a three-year study on the future dynamics of work and technology with three detailed global scenarios. They suggested a global foresight network for building a global collective intelligence system recognised for its ability to improve prospects for humanity. This study and the evidence provided by Professor Hamel are the primary reasons that we developed a methodology for transformational learning to stimulate transformational value creation.

Enduring relationships

We build close and enduring relationships with our clients. We do a deep dive into the requirements of our clients. Using pioneering work-based learning methods and case studies provided by the learners, we design and develop learning experiences targeted to achieve an immediate and sustainable improvement in leadership and management skills. Evidence from existing clients suggests that the result is an immediate return on investment and the creation of value.

Our experience of leadership and management practices gained from working in more than ninety different countries gives us the ability to assist your leaders and managers to gain transformation leadership and management skills and produce sustainable transformational value creation. We use innovative and evidence-based decision-making techniques to design and develop unique experiential learning opportunities that make an immediate impact for you.

Our partners and associates

Our managing partner, Stuart Morgan, has significant international experience working with pre-eminent futurists, dedicated teachers, and advisors. As a world-renowned management trainer and consultant, Stuart has a deep appreciation of global business challenges. Multi-potentialities, such as Stuart, are qualified in several different disciplines. This gives them a unique ability for creativity and innovation. Stuart has assisted many clients to create transformational leadership and management thus sustaining transformational value creation. The recommendations posted on Stuart’s LinkedIn profile stand testament to his success in providing transformational leadership and management development programmes often in politically challenging situations.

All of our trainers and consultants are passionate about our mission to ensure that our clients obtain sustainable transformational value creation because of developing transformational leadership and management. Our partners and associates stand tall as transformational leadership and management trainers and consultants. They possess a deep understanding of the need for transformational value creation to address global business challenges.

We have had many successes in many countries over the last thirty years and we have generated some great friends and acquaintances along the way. We are renowned for achieving transformational change and maintaining long standing relationships in very many international settings.

Leadership and management development successes

In Estonia and Lithuania we embedded primary health care medicine in the health service.

In The Gambia we achieved the impossible and formulated a policy and management framework for technical and vocational education.

In Sri Lanka we formulated and implemented the very first medium term expenditure framework within the government sector.

In Egypt and in Tajikistan, we formulated master plans and financing provision for the development of health care services in rural communities.

In Barbados we implemented ten different projects under a single reform programme. One project that we initiated was the scoping, design and implementation by the University of West Indies of a postgraduate leadership and management development programme for healthcare professionals.


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