Privacy Policy

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


My name is Niel Bally and I am the director of Art Courses Wales . The personal information I collect from you when you first make an enquiry through phoning or filling  in the contact and booking forms is kept private. This is usually your name , address, email and telephone numbers.  On the present form you have an option to opt out of the mailing list. The main function  of this data is to enable communications between us and for you to receive updates. At no time will your personal data  be shared or passed onto a third party. All mail outs to you are  blind copies (Bcc ) meaning that your address is not visible to others,

The data is kept within my email account of  [email protected]  and on my  desktop computer. Apart from direct communications between myself and you ,  the data may also hold information you have volunteered in regard to travel, art materials, accommodation and  food issues /preferences etc.

If you no longer  want to receive emails and updates from Art Courses Wales then please email me at  [email protected]  or telephone/text on 07801235059  and I can  then remove your details. At anytime you may request to have copy of  your personal information  and you are  also at liberty to change that information or have it removed altogether.


Niel Bally  16/05/2018